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platter recommended serving sizes: small 20 pieces,  medium 30 pieces & large 40 pieces



Champagne chicken vol au vents

Roast beef and tonnato crostini 

Roast beef en croute with béarnaise 

Thai beef salad in cucumber cups 

Seared Beef Tenderloin Mini Sandwiches With Mustard-Horseradish Sauce

Peking Duck Pancakes (large size only available) 

Mini Pumpkin & ricotta tartlets 

Corn blini with avocado & salmon roe

Caramelised red onion & feta tartlets

Homemade Burgundy Beef Pies

Stuffed mushrooms caps, filled with shallots, garlic & breadcrumbs

Lentil pikelets with leek & mushroom topping

Spring Onion Pancakes topped with Thai Chicken

Minced Chinese Pork Noodle Rissoles

Asian marinated shredded Chicken on fried wontons

Vegetable Frittata w/ Hummus & Black Olives

Cherry tomato’s filled with a smoked salmon mousse

Smoked trout salad on cucumber slices

Mini salmon & potato cakes with a herb mayo

Cheese & Spinach Triangles

Blinis with Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraîche & Dill

Fresh Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with dipping sauce

Canape Platters

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